Youth at Kingdom Resources



An Interactive Approach to God's Calling

Young Adults

Targeted toward Young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 who:

  • Have a zeal to love and serve God
    and others
  • Are willing to receive instruction
  • Are willing to live in a family environment
  • Have a desire to learn and grow in...

Biblical Knowledge & it's Application
Personal Character Building
Practical Ministry Skills

One third of our ministry work involves collecting and distributing donate supplies to other ministries. Secondly we are devoted to providing opportunities for church members to become involved, on an ongoing basis, with compassion ministry. As such, we are team players working arm in arm with dozens of other ministries and churches across denominations.

You however, represent the most important part of our work- preparing your generation to fulfill the will of God for your lives.

Whether you feel God wants you to start a food bank, minister to the homeless, work with inner city youth, serve as a missionary or grow closer to Him before entering the work force; the training you receive at Kingdom Resources will equip you.

Biblical Knowledge

Learning the character and ways of God through the study of biblical characters and stories is the primary method of our instruction, Of foremost importance is that you experience "first hand" revelation so that you realize that you can learn for yourself with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

"And He opened up their understanding that they might comprehend the scriptures.” Luke 24: 45

"when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth..."
John 16:13

photo of a bible

Character Development

Once God's character and ways begin to be understood, when we begin to perceive the height, depth and width of His long-suffering, love, grace and mercy for all mankind; we begin to see that we fall so short from the nature of God. It is imperative therefore that we examine our behavior and strive to renew our minds and actively take measures to become more Christ like.

You will learn to recognize and overcome pride, self righteousness, anger, oppression; self esteem issues, and begin to exercise deeper self control.

You will gain humility, discernment, knowledge, understanding, faithfulness and perseverance so that you can love beyond your flesh, serve others first, walk with integrity and in wisdom which is...
"The ability to live life skillfully.”

Practical Ministry

In any work, constructing a building, opening a restaurant or a theater production; there is much labor and preparation before a brick is laid or an opening night. The same is true of ministry. At Kingdom Resources, you will learn the behind the scenes work required to fulfill the face to face ministry.

Skills you may learn

Collect, process and distribute surplus goods
Plan, organize and implement outreaches
Learn to discern and pray for others
Warehouse Management = drive truck & forklift
Learn to trust God's provision for your life
Microsoft Office Programs
Live in a community of peers doing likewise
Adobe Video & Graphics Work



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