Hands on

 Through building relationships
 When we meet someone new an individual, a ministry leader or a pastor and we connect with  them in heart, in spirit, in purpose and in goals it births a relationship. That relationship is  about sharing resources, experience, knowledge, material goods and even other relationships  not necessarily equally but equitably. Then, through teamwork we learn how to work together,  serve one another, build up one another, communicate with one another, overcome  differences, offenses, strengths and weaknesses. In the process bonds of purpose and trust  are formed and the network, the Kingdom of God is expanded.


 Through sharing information and resources
 A new ministry is looking for some furniture... A business is relocating and has office  furniture  they don’t need.. A single mom is looking for a safe place for her and her kids to minister to  the homeless... A small inner city church is looking for a camp for their youth group to  attend...

 We work with ...
Ministries, agencies, churches, schools and camps




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