Disaster Relief through Kingdom Resources


Disaster Relief

Disaster has many faces but the consequences are always the same; lives are lost, homes are destroyed and there is much need. When you love your neighbor as yourself, you will want to meet that need in whatever way you can. Our goal at Kingdom Resources is to work with you to help meet the needs of others.

What can we use?

If you want to donate it, somebody in the world probably has need of it! However, most disaster situations involve rebuilding homes. So things that can be used to rebuild and refurnish them or feed and clothe people are needed most often.

Businesses can help their neighbor too!

Big and small companies alike have products that didn't sell, are cosmetically damaged, or the new boss wants it "outta here." Kingdom Resources can help place surplus items where they are needed, in the U.S. or even overseas.


For more information about Disaster Relief please contact us.



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