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Empowering with...


  • Carla
    25 years of ministry experience: Daycare, Youth, Women, Marriage, Discipleship, Prayer, Exhortation, Word of Knowledge Mother of four, 8 grandchildren.
  • Steve
    18 years of ministry experience: Youth, Men, Teaching, Discipleship, Prayer, Wisdom, Ministry Development, Exhortation 15 years of fine dining restaurant management experience, held Real Estate and Securities licenses.
  • Together
    They have been in 24 nations in service through Friend Ships, an international ship ministry where they served for eight and a half years. On the M.V. Spirit Steve was the Chief Engineer for four years of that time, while Carla managed the Housekeeping and Guest relations. They were then called to initiate and develop the Public Relations / Trade Show department for the ministry under the direction of the founders Don & Sondra Tipton. This unfunded department took them on a faith walk around the U.S. for three and a half years. The result was the donation of millions of dollars of goods and many relationships that continue on today. In 1997 Steve and Carla moved to San Antonio and started anew first aiding other ministries then founding Kingdom Resources in 1998.

Steve and Carla are not people of faith because they blindly follow a religious system. Nor are they people of Faith because they read something in the bible and then declared it to be their promise.

They are people of faith because over the years they have developed a relationship with their God that is not proud and boastful but one of humility and trust. They realized that He had called them to be a voice for the poor and needy, the broken hearted and the oppressed. So when He sends them they go whether or not all the provision is in hand.

  • In Angola, Africa God told Steve, “ Wherever they tell you not to go, I want you to go there.”
  • They went on a cross country multi-month trip when $300 was provided to cover expenses.
  • Move from L. A. to San Antonio with no money, half a tank of gas and no support when you get there?

Surplus Goods
“Most ministries don’t need money, they need the things money can buy!”

The call to provision ministries with supplies so that they can focus more on ministry and less on provisioning has been a major part of the work of Kingdom Resources.

Food, new clothing, office and household appliances, furnishings and supplies, construction materials, medical equipment and supplies, vehicles, buildings all have been donated to Kingdom Resources and passed on to other ministries without cost. Donations to ministries are based on relationship, need and availability.

Sometimes knowing who to talk to, how to present your case, where to look, a phone number, an email, a name of someone in the know or some direction is all that is needed.


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