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Ministry Support

The foundation stone of our ministry was the concept of providing material support to other ministries so that they could utilize more of their finances, time and energy on ministering to those they are called to serve. For instance, a ministry that houses and ministers to the homeless would have need for a building, food, clothing, beds, etc. but their true ministry is to speak healing into and give encouragement to the broken lives they serve. If they have to spend too much time or money collecting the material goods they have need of, they, in turn, neglect or spend less time ministering to the people.

In the same respect a small church may want to reach out to their neighborhood but because they are small they may lack the finances to purchase supplies to do so. If available, we would provide them  resources without cost.  
We have been gifted with the knowledge, experience, faith and anointing to realize that there are many resources that are often overlooked or cast aside by individuals or businesses that are valuable for ministry. It is this that guides our thinking when we are offered various donated goods. As God uses cast off people He also uses cast off goods for their benefit.

One thing we do not do is search out items. We only have what God provides. The phone rings, we answer and usually, say, ”Yes” we can do that based on our knowledge of the ministries we serve and their individual needs. Apart from that, a ministry may call needing a particular item and again because of past experience or the unction of the Holy Spirit we may give them direction as to where it may be found.

In over a decade, we have had many diverse items given to us; from semi loads of new sinks and toilets to buildings, homes and vehicles without even mentioning tons of food and clothing.




Border Ministries

This includes ministries that are located on or near the Mexico-USA border. Our aid for this type of ministry generally involves food or clothing for distribution to the needy.  Much of this aid goes to families living in colonnias, card board and pallet house neighborhoods often lacking water and sewage. There are also groups that operate orphanages, church outreaches and prison ministry that we support.   A few of the groups that we work with hold evangelistic campaigns combined with material support.



In the past we have aided small startup churches with whatever supplies we had available from chairs to construction materials and office furnishings and on a case by case basis if the supplies are available we still would. However, our real desire is to work in partnership with churches especially in facilitating outreach for the body.

It is said that as human beings we only use 10% of our brains capacity. We have learned that the same is true of the church. There are many gifted people in the church that are never given an opportunity to use their gifting. Instead they sit in the pews and watch. We believe that when the body is healthy it uses all its resources not just to love God but also to love our neighbor. As Christians outreach should be a natural outflow of our lives. We are to be living flowing waters like streams and rivers not like lakes and dams which only allow for overflow.

Some churches think that they and their budgets are too small to do outreach others may think they are too large. Our experience proves that with the materials and support that we provide; ten willing church members can have interaction with 50 neighborhood homes and possibly add several new church members in a couple hours on a Saturday morning. We have also done the same thing with up to 900 people reaching 3,500 homes on a Saturday morning. It is called a “Bag a Blessing.” In addition to this, it can help churches with holiday outreaches, promoting upcoming events i.e. vacation bible school and just letting the community know that you are there.

We also work with church youth programs to provide overnight retreats coupled with outreach to the homeless, hospitals and or senior citizens. You can learn more about this under the youth heading.

For their part in this relationship churches can assist us with volunteers. Since we have always operated with such a small full time staff, we often need a couple people to a dozen for work projects at our facility. The other area churches can help us with is finances. Since we often incur costs in gathering the supplies we give them without any charge, a financial donation to help offset those expenses can go a long way toward meeting our needs and expanding our ability to get more supplies. For every dollar we spend we on our budget we typically give away $100 worth of goods. 


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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Home

In San Antonio there are three nationally known Christian based programs that house and feed -spiritually and naturally- people that are trying to break their dependence on drugs, alcohol or other social problems; Teen Challenge, Victory Outreach and Victory Outreach International. There are also several others locally that are independent but equally fruitful. We have aided these organizations with food, clothing, beds, mattresses and construction materials. There are probably 500 people or more in these programs locally on an ongoing basis. Compared to secular programs their rate of recividism, going back to their old ways, is far less. Christ is the answer.


Food Bank

There are four local food banks that we work with, often by trading supplies back and forth as many of our sources are different.  For us, we have some products in large enough quantity that we can’t distribute them all through our regular distribution. Three of the food banks we work with are located 20-30 miles outside San Antonio so their rural programs benefit from the diversity.

We have also sent products out of area to partner agencies in Houston, Dallas and Baton Rouge.


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Homeless Ministry

We aid about a dozen ministries that serve the homeless in a variety of ways. Our main focus is that the homeless are talked to, prayed for and interacted with not just dished out food or preached at. We also prefer programs where many church members participate not just a few. It is fairly common to have 100-300 homeless show up at certain locations so, 10 or 20 people will do little more than hand stuff out. Typically the organizations we serve feed and offer clothes to 100-200 people at least once a week.

One of the ministries we work with is a church, Seek the Lost, Pastor Vallejo has established an actual church body of homeless individuals. The church services and food are provided by local churches that sign up once a month but Pastor Vallejo and his crew are there every service three times a week.

Another ministry, Strong Foundation, is also a church which features a family friendly environment where God is glorified in all that they do. They provide housing (for families only), evening meals, access to jobs (everybody living there must work,) financial instruction, bible studies and non mandatory church services. They merely suggest that evidently what they have done in the past hasn’t benefited them and since God is the one giving them this chance maybe they should also give God a chance to work in their life. Attendance is great. Typically, there are about thirty families housed there.

When Pastor Jim first started the ministry he stepped out in faith to buy a former nine room boarding house. Everyone was giving him a bad time about how he was going to furnish it. That same day we received bunk beds with mattresses, dressers, desks and tables enough to meet all his need.


International Relief

Our past missionary experiences in 24 countries of Africa, Central America, Eastern & Western and Europe, gave us enough of a window on the world to realize 80% of the world lives in poverty greater than anything experienced in the United States. Here we have welfare, unemployment, Medicaid, social security and countless church and nonprofit safety nets. Most countries have none of these and lack basic human needs for food, clean water, shelter and any employment.


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For us this type of ministry is usually a para church organization begun by an individual or group where the primary focus is to minister to and meet the needs of the poor, working poor or elderly whether they live in the inner city, suburban or rural areas. They may involve providing food, clothing, household goods, furnishings, appliances and even construction materials. The ministry may occur in an apartment complex, project housing, a specific neighborhood or involve a city wide event. Distribution may occur on a weekly, monthly or special occasion basis.

Again our primary concern is that everyone is offered prayer, conversation and genuine love.



Our assistance with Christian schools has included donated used library books, school supplies when available, student desks, office furniture, and food snacks used during school, for after school programs or occasionally to send home with needy students. 

Some schools have also come to our facility for field trips. When they do we share with them our missionary experiences of foreign outreach from our days aboard ship and of how God has met all of our needs even though we have not had paychecks for over 20 years. We also set up work projects for them in our warehouse and have taken them to senior centers for outreach. Kids from second grade up to college level have participated with us in such events.


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Para church organizations

There are a number of para church organizations that work with youth in inner city, suburban and rural areas. We try to equip them with any materials they may need whether it be construction materials, furnishings or food. We were able to help one obtain a building and another with a 15 passenger van; although, we never know what we will have available. Generally we provide food resources for their meetings and outreaches



For smaller churches where they may not have enough staff, finances or time to develop outreach opportunities for their kids we have a facility that can sleep up to 20 kids over a weekend or a dozen for several days. Our facilities feature separate male and female sleeping and bath areas, dining room, meeting room, pool tables, a swimming pool, basketball hoop, fire pit, yard area for volleyball, badminton and just hanging out.

Those things and our established relationships with many ministries around the city, at the border and elsewhere give us a unique opportunity to provide a varied outreach experience.  We also have the ability to share our own experiences in foreign and domestic ministry for the past 20 years. Not many people can say they haven’t had a paycheck in twenty years, don’t own a house or car and yet have given away over $10,000,000 worth of goods in a dozen of those years!
Carla and Steve can teach the kids as well. God has given them a special gift of using old testament stories, the prophetic books of the bible and the parables of Jesus to teach today’s youth about how God wants them to live their lives. Perhaps the best teaching they have though is on a life of faith and prayer which they have lived daily for many years. Steve also likes to teach the kids perspective on the changes in Christianity and our world over the past 50 years. Most of them only know about what they have been born into and they think that is normal and the standard to live up to.

Through their many friendships Steve and Carla can also provide musicians, worship leaders to balance out the whole experience.


Kingdom Resources

In an attempt to touch kids lives in a more profound and lasting way, in 2009, we began camps where kids 14-18 from all over the U.S. can come for Spring Break or the summer season and spend several days to a couple weeks working alongside us. These sessions are for individuals that want to intensify and expand their relationship with God. We will work together 24/7 doing whatever the Lord prepares for us. Some of these groups have aided in disaster relief others gone into Mexico and worked with ministries there. We may organize our own outreach in local parks or coordinate with other ministries in San Antonio on projects they are doing. All the while Steve and Carla and their interns will be right there with them guiding and teaching as they go.

The kids participate in everything from planning and implementing events, taking care of our warehouse and equipment to preparing meals and cleaning up after. This is not for the immature it is hard work and it will grow and stretch them. When we take breaks there are ping pong and pool tables, swimming pool, basketball, etc. no video games though, sorry.

If any kids have experience with music, drama, puppets etc we will put that to use. Other gifts they may have we hope to reveal and develop in their stay with us.



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