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Summer Camp 2009

This summer we have decided not to have any large groups come to our facility but instead to open our home up to 12 high school age young people with whom our entire staff will be fully devoted for one week. We will walk through the scriptures together, eat together, worship together, work together, pray together and minister to others as we go.


Group 1: July 5th-July 11th

After the arrival of the six campers, we spent the evening getting to know one and other. Then it was off to bed, for a busy week was ahead of us. Each morning was a time of prayer and devotion and each night was worship and a teaching.

Monday and Tuesday we joined with Mission Road Ministries, a ministry that houses and teaches mentally disabled youth and adults. Talk about getting out of your comfort zone. We colored, read stories, and put together puzzles with adults who attended the day care program. One young man said, "It was great to go back the second day, because they responded better to us." The same young man was one that was timid at first, but overcame his fears.

Mission Road Ministries Photo Mission Road Ministries Photo Mission Road Ministries Photo Mission Road Ministries Photo Mission Road Ministries Photo

Be the Need Ministries Photo

Wednesday morning we drove to Community Bible Church and joined with Nancy Gaines founder of Be the Need Ministries. There we made lunches containing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a bottle of water, and a sweet snack. After, we took the lunches and clothing to Travis Park in downtown San Antonio to hand out to the homeless. We spent that evening at Young Vision, a ministry focused on youth in the eastside of San Antonio. There we hung out with kids of all ages, just loving and spending time with them.

Be the Need Ministries Photo Be the Need Ministries Photo Young Vision Photo Young Vision Photo Young Vision Photo


On Thursday we went to University Hospital and visited the children's ICU. We were allowed to pass out coloring books and puzzles to each one, and pray with the families of the children. Friday was the only day that was spent here at Kingdom Resources. Many hands makes the work light, as it's been said. So with all the help we worked outside on the treeline and cut and pulled the dreaded huisache plant. And finally to round off a ministry packed week of adventure and first times, we went out Saturday to pass out bags of blessings.

University Hospital Visit Distribution Prayer Circle Working Outside Working Outside

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University Hospital Visit


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