High School Students:

Summer Program



One third of our ministry work involves collecting and distributing donated supplies to other ministries. We also work with churches to develop compassion ministry for their congregation in their community. Always, we are team players working arm in arm with dozens of other ministries and churches across denominations.

Youth however, represent the most important part of our work; preparing another generation to fulfill the will of God for their lives. God called Isaiah and Jeremiah and many of Israel’s kings when they were teenagers and younger!

No matter what your future profession may be the Bible needs to be the foundation on which you stand and Godly character learned now will help you excel in school, sports and work. Our twenty years of working with youth will help equip you.

Biblical Knowledge

Learning the nature and ways of God through the study of biblical characters and stories is the primary method of our instruction. You will learn about young people in the Old and New Testament and how God used them to fulfill His will. Kings, prophets and warriors, male and female, were called to change or save the nation of Israel. Josiah was a king at 8. At 16 he began to seek the Lord. At 20 he began to remove false gods from Israel. His actions restored the Temple, the Word and Passover for his nation.

"And He opened up their understanding that they might comprehend the scriptures."
  Luke 24: 45

Character Development

Once God’s character and ways begin to be understood, when we begin to perceive the height, depth and width of His long-suffering, love, grace and mercy for all mankind; we begin to see that we fall so short from the nature of God. It is imperative therefore that we examine our behavior and strive to renew our minds and actively take measures to become more Christ like.

We will talk about how to recognize and overcome pride, self righteousness, anger, oppression, self esteem issues, and how to exercise self control.

You will learn the benefit of humility, discernment, knowledge, understanding, faithfulness and perseverance. You can learn to go beyond your needs, serve others first, walk with integrity and in wisdom which is... “The ability to live life skillfully.”

Practical Ministry
Kingdom Resources, you will learn the behind the scenes work and the face to face ministry. Ministry is not just preaching and praying. It also involves sweeping, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, making lunch and doing laundry. We will teach you about both sides.

In free time there will be music ministry, swimming in our pool, basketball, ping pong, volleyball, a pool table and trips to local parks for barbecues, swimming and hiking. 10 day sessions may include an overnight trip

Activities you may participate in
Activities you may participate in

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